has compiled a list of the top jobs to be impacted by AI/And Robotics. (In descending order with jobs most impacted towards the top of the list)

Data Scientist
Robotics Engineer
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer
Software Developer
Autonomous Vehicle Engineer
Smart Home Developer
Cybersecurity Analyst
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer
Blockchain Developer
Virtual Reality (VR) Developer
Machine Learning (ML) Engineer
Network Engineer
Systems Administrator
Business Analyst
IT Consultant
Cloud Architect
Mobile Application Developer
Web Developer
Database Administrator
User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer
Cloud Computing Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Internet of Things (IoT) Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
Quality Assurance Tester
Speech Recognition Engineer
Technical Writer
Augmented Reality (AR) Developer
Biomedical Engineer
Financial Analyst
Logistics Coordinator
Supply Chain Manager
Human Resource Manager
Market Researcher
Business Intelligence Analyst
Social Media Marketer
Content Writer
Digital Marketer
Project Manager
Sales Representative
Social Worker